Live Baccarat is played from both high-rollers and first comers as it offers a gaming experience for every level. This table game is an absolute favorite in the Asian countries and to retain its authenticity, the cards are dealt on a bean-shaped table. Other features are added to make this game even more exciting such as Pairs side bets and being able to see the moves of other players. This enhances the gaming experience of the player as it gets them more intrigued.

If you are one of those players that enjoys a fast-paced game then you can opt for the Live Speed Baccarat. This game is nothing more than an alternative to the basic 48 second Baccarat. In fact the Live Speed Baccarat speeds up the game and every game round lasts 27 seconds.

Selection Of Roads

The results for each past round is shown in the Bead Road and Big Road. Moreover, patterns which are derived from the Big Road and displayed in the Big Eye Road, Small Road and the Cockroach Road. You will be able to zoom in on all the roads mentioned above with a simple click.

Pairs Side Bets

Two extra betting options are included in the default Pairs Side Bets namely Player Pair and Banker Pair. These sidebets permits the player to place a bet on his first two cards of becoming a pair or else on the banker’s cards. If a player wants to add that extra layer of excitement, then he can also enable further optional side bets. These extras are Player Bonus, Banker Bonus, Perfect Pairs and Either Pair and offer odds of up to 200 to 1.